The 25 cheapest municipalities to buy house in Portugal are...

Buying a house remains a "nightmare" for many people due to house prices that remain high, even in the pandemic. But there are more expensive places than others. After revealing the 25 most expensive municipalities to buy homes in Portugal and the 10 most expensive streets in the country, we now present you with the updated list of the 25 cheapest municipalities - and that gain particular interest in the current context of telework and new profiles of demand for home.

Penacova,in the district of Coimbra, leads the ranking. The owners of this municipality ask, on average, 428 euros per square meter (euros/m2),according to a study by the idealist, the Real Estate Marketplace of Portugal - a figure that contrasts with the 4,898 euros/m2 of Lisbon - the highest at the national level.

The idealist study also shows that it is possible to buy a house for less than EUR 500/m2 in four other municipalities: Tondela (EUR 491/m2), Arganil (EUR 496/m2), Fronteira (496 euros/m2) and Vouzela (EUR 497/m2).

From here, that is, from the 10th place of the ranking, the cost of housing per m2 is always higher than 500 euros. The following municipalities are listed: In them (508 euros/m2), Crato (511 euros/m2), Proença-a-Nova (516 euros/m2), Santa Comba Dão (520 euros/m2), Idanha-a-Nova (526 euros/m2), Alcanena (531 euros/m2), Mangualde (533 euros/m2), Miranda do Corvo (EUR 537/m2), Alvaiázere (EUR 540/m2), Avis (EUR 546/m2), Vila Nova de Poiares (EUR 547/m2), Castro Daire (EUR 555/m2), Castanheira de Pêra (EUR 566/m2), Alpiarça (EUR 564/m2) and Vila do Rei (558 euros/m2).


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